Created in 2008 at the initiative of the Chairman-CEO of the Group, Régis Arnoux, the CIS Corporate Foundation is currently chaired by Loic Souron and Monique Arnoux (Vice Chairwoman). The Foundation aims to provide financial and personal support to young adults (aged from 18 to 25 years old) who wish to start or continue their studies; they are accompanied until they enter the corporate world or achieve their professional goals.


  2008 creation of the CIS Corporate Foundation

  150 young people helped since 2008

  The CIS Foundation provides support to young people of
  18-25 years old



Interview of Lois SOURON, Chairman of CIS Corporate Foundation

What is the role of the CIS Foundation?

The CIS Foundation aims to provide financial and psychological assistance to young adults (aged 18-25) from disadvantaged backgrounds who wish to start or continue their studies. We support them until they enter the workforce.

Can you tell us more about the structure of the CIS foundation?

The CIS Foundation has nine members, all of whom are volunteers. We meet on a monthly basis.

What are the beliefs and values that drive the Foundation’s commitment to young adults?

We believe in the youth of our country and their energy. That is why we strive to uphold the values of perseverance, merit and solidarity, by supporting and guiding young adults who want to take charge of their destiny.

In general, how long does this support last?

The CIS Foundation offers long-term support to its grant holders. The relationship between us becomes a “project partnership” in which we both share the same objectives. We support the youths in our programme as long as it takes for them to stand on their own two feet.

What are the foundation’s objectives?

Before outlining our objectives, I’d like to point out that this philanthropic initiative would not be possible if it wasn’t for CIS’ commercial success, economic performance and the quality of its employees. The Foundation aims to continue building partnerships with general and vocational secondary schools, local governments, and local and regional institutions. Much remains to be done for the young people in our region, but there’s also a lot of energy and motivation to make a difference.

So let’s remain confident!

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