Tue 20 Dec 2022

From November 21 to 23, 2022, the 21st edition of the CIS Group's International Convention took place in the south of France under the sign of sustainability.

The Convention has always been a strong tradition for the CIS community from all over the world to physically meet, share experiences, get to know each other, and work together for a few days. Sustainability was the main motto of this convention, allowing us to dive into the world of the remote site of tomorrow.

Besides the usual sessions, CIS experts presented some projects around the vision of the sustainable camp, new energy alternatives such as solar and methanization, and innovative business solutions implemented within the Group to improve our performance.

As a guest, the scientist Nicolas Plain gave a talk on the ecological and social transition we all need to lead. A Climate Fresk activity was also organized to raise awareness among our employees about climate change and its consequences. In teams, the participants brainstormed for 3 hours and proposed action levers to be implemented within the CIS group.

Information about CIS sustainable development policy