Tue 25 May 2021

Since 2015 and in partnership with the Foundation of its client Semafo, CIS Burkina Faso has been supporting the association ASEFV "Support to vulnerable children and women".

In this context, CIS has participated in the construction of an orphanage in the popular Saaba neighborhood of Ouagadougou that hosts about 15 children, and very regularly offers food and clothing to orphans and godmothers.

In January, the association welcomed Aziz, a newborn child. CIS allows him to be housed in the home of a godmother of the Association, fed and cared for by a volunteer surgeon from the Catholic Hospital of Sabba who regularly helps the Orphanage. 

Since his birth, Aziz has already had to undergo several surgeries, due to malformations in his stomach and intestine. Although his entry into life was difficult, at five months old, Aziz is back in shape. He will undergo a last operation in a few weeks to finalize his digestive system.

During his last visit to the orphanage, CIS donated food packages to the godmothers containing breast milk, rice, cereals and sugar.

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