Fri 6 May 2022

Interview with Yves, HR Manager in Congo. Yves joined CIS in the DRC subsidiary in December 2017 and had to adapt very quickly to the local challenges.

In the DRC, the CIS Group is represented by two subsidiaries, CSS (Congo Support Services) in the area around Kolwezi, and TS-CIS around Lubumbashi, and has nearly 500 employees for an average of 90,000 residents per month.

"As a service company, people are our main resource. The country has few schools in the hotels and catering sector. So we have to continuously find resources that match our clients' requirements."

As the market is very competitive, the HR team has to evaluate and offer training in order to develop our employees’ skills. For operational positions, recruitment is mainly local. The Congolese subsidiary has set up theoretical training on basic functions as well as a mentoring system with former employees who show new recruits the right way to do things.

"When a new employee joins the branch, there is a compulsory induction phase, including theoretical training and mentoring. Mentoring is also put in place when an employee moves to a new site to learn the intricacies of each site or client. »

Through team assessments, the five-person HR team cross-references recruitment needs and profiles to upskill certain employees to more responsible positions as opportunities arise.

"It is also motivating for the teams to be given greater responsibilities and career development. For example, one of our assistant cooks is now a deputy camp manager, and an employee who started as a waiter is now part of our accounting team. »

"He who seeks perfection, achieves excellence", Jori Cazilhac
A quote that Yves applies in his daily work as HR Manager in Congo.

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