Tue 11 Jan 2022

As announced on October 2nd, CIS has started the progressive management of sixty sites for one of the leader of the oil industry in Russia, as of January 1st, 2022.

These operations are linked to the Nefteyugansk field, 2,800 km from Moscow, which accounts for 12% of Russia's oil production and has a rotating workforce of 20,000.

This successful start-up is the combination of the unwavering commitment of the head office management, our international experts and the teams of our local subsidiary. 

Our 30-year presence in Russia, the international influence of the CIS Group, and our proven ability to provide additional on-site comfort and innovative solutions were decisive in the award of this contract. 


Logistics challenge and enhancement of CIS’ experience in Russia

Since its creation in 1992, CIS has extended its geographic positions by establishing itself in increasingly distant and isolated areas.

With temperatures approaching -40 ° C, CIS provides catering, housekeeping and maintenance services in Siberia, in a region that extends over 600 km.

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities: everything is done to improve the daily life and comfort of the residents.


Innovation at the heart of our service offering 

Through our smart4you offer, our teams have deployed reliable, innovative and competitive solutions in compliance with international quality and safety standards.

All of the digitised services ensure rigorous monitoring and daily control in accordance with the requirements of the client (20,000 magnetic payment and control cards were issued in record time). 

The deployment of our internal automated menu engineering tool allows CIS to offer a continuous evolution of the food programme for the benefit of residents.

CIS is once again demonstrating its ability to support its customers in improving services and innovating for their satisfaction, comfort and safety. 


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