Fri 22 Mar 2024

To mark International Meatless Day on March 20, and as part of its commitment to the well-being and health of its collaborators, CIS has launched a Group-wide awareness campaign presenting alternatives to animal proteins and the benefits of plant proteins.

Photos - CIS France team

This awareness-raising campaign was prepared and led by our Group Nutritionist and CSR & Sustainable Development Manager. It highlighted the role of proteins in our bodies, the health and environmental benefits of a diet that includes plant proteins, and introduced us to some little-known foods.

Photos - CIS Mozambique team 

This awareness-raising campaign was relayed to all Group teams in our operating countries. Vegetable protein-based recipes were shared, enabling our employees to discover new flavors. Some chefs at our bases also invited our customers to take part in this operation, enabling them to discover new flavors. 

Photos - CNA Mauritania team

Also at the Marseille headquarters, Emma Gongora, professional boxer and coach with the Association Sportive CIS, talked about her diet and protein requirements as a top-level sportswoman. All sources of protein (animal and vegetable) are integrated into her dietary program. An aperitif tasting session gave everyone the opportunity to taste different plant proteins and discover sometimes unfamiliar flavors.

Photos - CAC Kazakhstan team

All these initiatives were a great success!

Let's diversify our protein sources, for our health, for our planet!

Photos - Equipe CSS & TS.CIS

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