Tue 16 May 2023

In May 2023, CSS (Congo Support Services), a subsidiary of the CIS Group in the DRC, deployed the Virtual Reality training solution of CIS Group. On the occasion of the "DRC Mining Week" on June 14, 15 and 16, the "Mining & Business Magazine" conducted an interview with the Director of the subsidiary of the CIS Group, on the deployment of our virtual reality training solution.

The virtual reality training solution is part of a set of solutions developed by the CIS Group, called smart4you. These solutions are designed to improve the living and working conditions on the bases, both for the residents and for clients.

What is Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual Reality Training is an immersive training method that immerses the trainees in a virtual world that is fully calibrated and adapted to their operational reality. These simulations allow collaborators to discover processes in complete safety, to be trained with the right to make mistakes, and to do so in a totally fun and interactive way!

What are the advantages of the virtual reality training solution

Safety, immersive learning

Virtual reality training immerses collaborators in custom-made worlds, within scenarios that take place just like in their workplace. Thanks to this technology, we can simulate dangerous situations and accompany the user to face them, in a safe way and as many times as necessary. This solution stimulates the users' senses and memory, allowing them to better retain the proposed content.

Monitoring, an improvement of the training process

The training modules can be repeated until they are completely memorized and are available on demand. In addition, the software integrates individual performance tracking so that training data can be consolidated and shared with the Human Resources and QHSE departments.

Optimization of travel

Virtual Reality Training allows employees to participate in training sessions that previously had to take place in specific and secure environments. The collaborator will benefit from a fully developed and adapted training program, as close as possible to his or her activity site in a fun and fast way, avoiding travel.

What is the "Mining & Business Magazine"?

On the occasion of the DRC Mining Week on June 14, 15 and 16, 2023, the Mining & Business Magazine presents a macroeconomic focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC is resolutely positioning itself on the issue of global supply of strategic minerals, but also aims to become one of the main players in the fight against climate degradation through its geographical position in the heart of the Central African forest basin.

CSS, the subsidiary of the CIS Group has been present in the DRC since 2010, the magazine "Mining & Business Magazine" has conducted an interview with the Director of the DRC regarding the launch of the virtual reality training solution.

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