Thu 16 Mar 2023

End of February, our subsidiaries CIS Chad & CIS Mozambique have deployed the VR training solution (Training through Virtual Reality), the teams have been trained on Food Safety topics. The solution was very much appreciated by our teams & customers.

Photo - CIS Chad teams

What is Virtual Reality Training? 

Virtual Reality Training is part of a set of solutions developed by the CIS Group, and named smart4you. These solutions are designed to improve life and work conditions on remote sites, for both residents and clients.

Virtual Reality Training is an immersive training method, immersing the trainees in a virtual world that is fully calibrated, adapted and corresponding to their operational reality. These simulations allow employees to discover our processes in complete safety, to train with the right to make mistakes, and to do so in a totally entertaining and interactive way!

"VR technology becomes an innovative and efficient way to train your staff"
Quentin MERCIER, CIS Group Innovation Manager


Photos - CIS Mozambique teams

What are the advantages of the VR training solution? 

Safety: immersive learning

Virtual Reality Training immerses employees in custom-made worlds, within scenarios that take place in the workplace. Thanks to this technology, we can simulate dangerous situations and guide the user to face them, safely and as many times as necessary. This solution stimulates the users' senses and memory, which allows them to learn the content better than in ordinary training.

Monitoring: an improvement in training process

Virtual Reality Training minimizes training costs over the long term because there is no need for large, expensive training centers or multiple trainers. Training modules can be repeated until they are fully memorized and are available on demand for a large number of employees. In addition, the software incorporates individual performance tracking so that training data can be consolidated and shared with Human Resources and QHSE departments on site.

Sustainability and travel optimization

Virtual Reality Training allows individuals to participate in training that previously had to take place in specific, secure environments.  Since many operations are located in remote areas, instead of having to travel to these locations or have trainers travel long distances, staff will benefit from a fully developed and customized training program, close to their work site.

Photos - CIS Chad teams

Deployment of VR training

Our subsidiaries CIS Chad & CIS Mozambique have deployed the Virtual Reality Training solution, the teams have been trained on "Food Safety" modules during several training slots for a total of more than 50 hours of training. The solution was very much appreciated by our teams and clients.

Next deployment? 

CIS teams are currently preparing the deployment of the Virtual Reality Training solution in other countries of the group, notably in Eurasia, South America, and Africa. 

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