Thu 22 Apr 2021

CIS is fully committed to establishing a strong local presence to ensure the sustainability of services and the development of the areas in which we operate : 98% of the jobs within the Group are local and 92% of our purchases are made through short circuits. Initiatives that enable the development of local farming communities are an integral part of our solutions to limit our carbon footprint and promote economic, social and environmental development in the areas where we operate.

Supporting local farmers

In CIS’ subsidiaries, partnerships with local farmers are established to promote regional agricultural programs and help provide employment for local communities. For example, in Burkina Faso, CIS supports an agricultural farm that produces vegetables without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In Mali, CIS supports agricultural groups in the region near its site of operations and regularly purchases chickens and vegetables from them.

Reducing food waste

Responsible initiatives are multiplying at our operating sites, such as recycling food waste and producing compost that is used to plant fruits and vegetables used locally, or creating irrigation systems to reduce water consumption.

As part of its innovative offers, smart4you, CIS has recently equipped its kitchens with connected scales to calculate the quantities needed to prepare menus and thus limit food waste.

The Group's actions are in line with the United Nations Global Compact principles on sustainable development, and drive CIS and its subsidiaries to a more sustainable model.

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