Tue 21 May 2024

At CIS, we specialize in managing life support services in some of the most remote onshore and offshore environments around the globe. 

To support our clients, major players in the energy, mining, construction, and peacekeeping sectors, we provide turnkey solutions to bring well-being, comfort, and camaraderie to all our residents. 

Our mission at CIS is to strive for excellence in terms of quality, innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, thereby contributing to our clients' success. Here's how we do it: “Everywhere, we care!”

Our DNA is built on strong, responsible, and sustainable core values:


Because we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients and the safety of our teams and residents. And because we have always operated with a sustainable and responsible approach to the countries, environment and communities in which we operate.


Because we are constantly adapting and innovating to satisfy our clients and create value for all our stakeholders, thanks to our 14,000 employees.


Because we believe in maintaining high standards of corporate governance, ethics and integrity. And because wherever we operate, we respect and value cultures, people and the environment.


Because, as experts in the provision of services, we constantly strive for excellence in the execution of our activities as part of a continuous improvement process.