Thu 18 Mar 2021

On the occasion of Global Recycling Day which takes place on March 18, CIS unveils some good practices from its subsidiaries.

SSM in Mongolia recycled over 1,500 tonnes of food waste as compost, over 40 tonnes of oil turned into animal manure and nearly 80 tonnes of cardboard recycled into other paper products. For example: the teams made toothbrush pots with finished paper rolls that they placed in the rooms at the Oyu Tolgoi site, they also made flower pots with water bottle caps.

In Mozambique, CIS recycles its oil cans to make trash cans that it distributes to a local primary school with the aim of educating children about recycling and encouraging them to learn about environmental topics.

In the DRC, food waste is reused to feed animals on a local farm close to its operating sites and whole bread is recycled into breadcrumbs for baking certain dishes.

In Russia, since the start of the global health crisis, catering teams have taken the initiative to use biodegradable crockery and cutlery that can be recycled and used as fertilizer.

Our Algerian subsidiary Cieptal, recovers many materials: wood, used oils, defective batteries, electric cables, etc. in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources by giving materials a second life!

In all of its operating countries, CIS, a responsible player, is committed to sorting and recycling its food and non-food waste and to the use of products made from recycled materials and thus is part of a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

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