Wed 5 May 2021

All of the Group's subsidiaries are committed to a quality approach in order to maintain and improve the services provided by the Group on its 230 operating sites.

The teams of our subsidiary in Kazakhstan (CAC) and Brazil (CIS Grupo Brasil) have obtained the renewal of their ISO 9001 and 45001 certifications, illustrating their professionalism and strong dedication to continuous improvement and safety.

"ISO 9001, which defines the criteria for a quality management system, certifies the quality of our management with a strong customer orientation, a management team with a strong commitment and motivation, but also our search for continuous improvement. The ISO 45001 certification rewards the commitment and dedication of our employees to create better and safer working conditions. "Saman Hamidi, CAC Kazakhstan Director

In addition, in order to pursue its commitment to excellence, CIS Grupo Brasil also obtained the renewal of ISO 22000 certification, related to quality management and food safety, and TRACE, the world's leading anti-corruption standards organization.

"Obtaining TRACE certification demonstrates CIS Grupo Brasil's commitment to business transparency, allowing it to be a valuable business partner for its customers" Claudio Ramos Da Silva, Director of CIS Grupo Brasil.

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