Wed 2 Jun 2021

Since 1992, CIS has been operating in Kazakhstan, through its subsidiary CAC, and has been working with major oil and gas, mining and construction companies, providing them with quality turnkey services for the daily management of their sites.

Recently the group’s Kazakh subsidiary has been featured in the special Oil & Gas issue of the Kazakh magazine Investor’s Voice which has a wide readership including many industries in the country.

“Thanks to our extended experience in the Oil&Gas and Mining sectors, our teams are capable of providing our clients with high-quality services, delivered safely and under the best conditions possible. Our services are not limited to offshore sites alone: we also provide logistics and supply solutions, as well as services throughout the towing of offshore units from the shipyards to their final destination. We make a point of respecting and integrating the security procedures put in place by our clients so that they can manage their operations safely and reliably.” – Saman Hamidi, Director of CAC Kazakhstan

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