Wed 5 Jun 2024

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, CIS organizes quarterly awareness-raising sessions throughout the year. This quarter, the focus is on preserving biodiversity. 

Masterclass “Fresque Océane” to raise awareness of the role and preservation of the Ocean.

At CIS France headquarters in Marseille, an “ Fresque Océane ” Masterclass was organized at the end of May. Hosted by an environmental engineer and specialized trainer, this interactive conference enabled participants to understand the complexity of the environmental, social and economic interconnections linked to the ocean's role, and how we can all take action to preserve this resource. 

At company level, we are currently looking at ways of combating overfishing, integrating sustainable practices into our menus, promoting local, seasonal and short-distance produce whenever possible, and supporting marine protected areas.

“ The Masterclass Fresque Océane is proving to be an excellent educational tool for understanding the global functioning of the ocean, the threats it faces, and the benefits it offers when we preserve it with care.” Béatrice VERNUCCIO CIS Group CSR & Sustainable Development Manager.

Photo - CIS Mozambique

Biodiversity awareness kit for operational staff

The CSR department has deployed an awareness-raising kit presenting the interdependence of ecosystem services (services provided free of charge by natural ecosystems), the consequences of biodiversity loss and the usefulness of taking action to preserve ecosystems, for food security, carbon sequestration, health, well-being and quality of life.

Biodiversity awareness-raising sessions have enabled staff in our operations to grasp the importance of taking action to protect marine and terrestrial resources wherever they are in the world. 

For the company, taking biodiversity issues into account is a source of innovation and team mobilization. These actions illustrate the CIS Group's determination to be a responsible player and actively contribute to preserving the environment. 

The next awareness-raising events of the year will focus on the themes of the circular economy and water, thus forming a solid foundation of knowledge on sustainable development issues for all our collaborators.

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